Playing a card is a main action done on your action turn, so make sure to perform your support action first! To play a card from your hand, you must pay the exact resources depicted at the top left of the card (icons must match!). Resources you pay are returned to the dice pool. Wild tokens may be paid as if they are any resource of your choice.

After paying for the card, perform its effects in any order. If an effect can't be performed, ignore that part.

All GREEN CARDS have a brown production box in their upper right corner. Nothing happens when you play these cards. Stack them with the card cost and the brown production box visible. All dice in brown boxes are gained and rolled each time you perform a production turn.

When you play a RED CARD, the effects on the card are resolved immediately. Any dice gained are immediately gained and rolled into resources. Stack the red cards together face up in a pile, so that the card cost is visible at all time (they might help you win Awards at the end of the game!).

When you play a BLUE CARD, nothing happens - just place the card separately from your other cards. These cards have an action (support action, main action, or free action) that only you may use. When using an action on a blue card, pay the cost (if any) depicted before the arrow, and then gain the benefit depicted after the arrow, and then flip the card sideways to mark it as used. All used blue cards are unflipped during your production turn, so they may be used again.

GREEN CARDS: During a production turn, you add up the dice in brown boxes. In this example, you will roll 3 yellow, 2 blue, and 1 red dice.

RED CARD EXAMPLE: When you play this card, you gain a yellow dice which you roll, you gain a red dice which you turn to become a ºC resource, and raise temperature on the game board 1 step (and receive 2 VP).

BLUE CARD EXAMPLE: It takes a main action to play the card, but as a main action later on, you may pay 1 steel to place an ocean tile on the game board. Then flip this card. It can not be used again before you take a production turn.