You always play 50 turns when playing solo. The goal is to complete all 3 global parameters (ocean/temperature/oxygen). If you reach that goal you may also count your final score. If you fail, your score does not count!

Use the normal multiplayer rules, and add the following:

1) Board setup: Place 1 city tile on any of the 3 areas with VP-placement bonuses. Then place an ocean tile next to the city tile, and 1 forest tile on any area adjacent to both the city and the ocean. Oxygen starts at 2%, and temperature starts at -28 °C.

Note: You do not get any bonuses or points for any of this.

2) Awards: As normal, randomize 3 awards. To win an award at the end of the game, you need to have at least 6, 8, or 10 of the corresponding symbol, depending on if the symbol is rare, uncommon, or common. Each award you win gives you 5 VP at the end of the game. If you are only one symbol away from winning (5, 7, 9 respectively), then score 3 VP instead.

3) Milestones: Place 3 random milestone tiles on the board. If you do not claim them in time, they will be removed (see Milestone deadlines below).

4) Bonus cards: Use 4 bonus cards. After initial production, look at these bonus cards, and select 1 to play immediately. During the game you will take 2 more, and the last will not be used this game.

5) Time cube: You have 50 turns to complete the terraforming process. Mark time with another player cube, starting at 0 during setup, and moving on to 1 before you start your first turn, so that it always marks the active turn number. As soon as you are done with a turn, don’t forget to move the time cube up to the next turn.

6) Milestone deadlines: After turn 16, remove the milestone tile in the topmost slot (if it is still unclaimed by you). After turn 20 and 24, remove the milstones in the middle and bottom slots, respectively. After turn 50, the game ends immediately.

As a reminder, these deadlines are marked with dots on the VP track on the gameboard.

What did you score?


Is this even possible!?


Supreme victory!




Really good


Not bad at all.




Getting the hang of this!


You can do better


Might as well lose...

Fail to terraform:

Try again!