Legend: Have 6 red cards in play.

Miner: Have 5 green cards in play.

Scientist: Have 3 blue cards in play.

Mogul: Have 12 cards in play. All 3 colors count. Corporation cards do not count.

Monopoly: Have 7 dice resources of the same color.

Generalist: Have at least 1 production of each dice color.

Philanthrope: Have 4 played cards with end game VP on them (negative VP do not count).

Terraformer: Have 16 points on the VP-track.


Celebrity: Have 3 cards in play that have a cost of 5 or more resources.

Billionaire: Have 13 dice resources. All colors count. Wild tokens do not count.

Award Nominee: On your played cards, have 5 cost icons that match ONE of the 3 awards. If you win this milestone, you also have a great chance of winning that award!