No re-rolls: You never ever re-roll your dice resources in this game!

Terraforming give you 2 Victory Points (VP):

Whenever a player terraforms (places an ocean tile on the board, or raises temperature or oxygen), that player gains 2 VP and immediately moves his player cube up the VP track on the game board.

Keep on terraforming:

If oxygen, temperature, or ocean is completed, you can still terraform these parameters. Nothing happens, but you gain 1 VP (instead of 2 VP).

2 of 3 ends the game:

When the second parameter is completed, it triggers the end of the game, and then all players get one last turn (including the player who just ended the second parameter).

Immediate VP vs VP at the end of the game:

You gain immediate VP when you terraform, when you place some of the tiles (see Placing tiles on the board), and when you play cards that have a VP symbol with green ribbon. Immediately move your cube up the VP track!

At the end of the game, all VP symbols with red ribbons are counted. At the end of the game you also get VP for Milestones and Awards.



Placing tiles on the board:

An icon showing a hexagon depicting an ocean, forest, city, or special tile, means placing a tile with that symbol on the game board. Only 1 tile may be placed on each area.

Place the tile and gain any placement bonus printed on that area.

Ocean: Place an ocean tile on an ocean reserved area (marked blue on the board). No other tiles may be placed on ocean reserved areas. Gain 2 VP because it counts as terraforming.

Forest: Place a forest tile on an area on the board and gain 1 VP for each adjacent city. Increase oxygen 1 step and therefore gain 2 VP for terraforming.

City: Place a city tile on an area that is not adjacent to another city. Gain 2 VP for placing this tile, plus 1 VP for each adjacent forest.

Special tiles: Place the brown tile with the corresponding symbol on an area.

Bonus on parameter: The oxygen and temperature parameters have bonuses along the way. The player who raises a parameter to such a step receives that bonus.

Bonus cards: When you reach the bonus steps on the VP track (at 5 VP and 12 VP), you gain a bonus card at the end of your turn. Secretly look at all the available bonus cards, select one and immediately play it for free. Then return the remaining bonus cards face down, and the next player can take his turn.

Bonus cards work just like other green, red, or blue cards, and counts toward milestones.

Dice and resources:

There are 5 different dice colors. Each dice has 3 different resource symbols. Note that each dice has one common resource (on 3 sides), one uncommon resource (2 sides), and one rare resource (1 side).

The dice icon () means a dice of that color. Take it from the dice pool, and immediately roll it so it becomes a specific resource. The side facing up on the dice is your resource (for example a plant ).

The question mark (?) means any resource of that color.

A white resource icon with a questionmark means any resource of any color.

A white dice icon represent a dice of any color.

ROTATE A DICE! If a dice icon has pink arrows around it, that means you are allowed to rotate one of your resource dice to the side you want.

Wild tokens: Wild tokens may be spent as any resource of your choice.

Red borders on resources: If a resource icon has a red border and a minus symbol in front, it means that each opponent must lose one such resource (if possible). In this case, the opponent may choose any green resource dice.

No available dice in the dice pool: If there are not enough dice in the dice pool to perform your production turn, then gain 1 wild token (not more!) and as much as you can of your production. In any other situation, any missing resources or dice are simply lost without compensation.