Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game

Corporate Era & the Promo Pack



The Corporate Era expansion and the Promo pack introduces new cards, new milestones, and some new and simple rules to the game. All cards in the Corporate Era expansion have a small yellow lamp in the lower left, and the Promos are recognized by the two purple lights in the lower left.

NOTE: the promo pack is not included in the retail version!

So, what is new?

Corporations and blue cards can have effects and discounts on them. A DISCOUNT means you may always pay one less of that specific resource when paying to play a card.

An EFFECT tells you to react when something happens in the game. For example the bonus card Quality Control; whenever you play a green card, you immediately gain 1 VP.

You do not flip cards with discounts and effects - they are always active.

Red borders on tiles means that you react when anyone places that tile, including yourself. For example, Arctic algae; You immediately gain 1 green dice whenever an ocean tile is placed on the gameboard. (Arctic Algae, Eco Architects, Rover Construction)

Production of wild tokens and VP. Some cards produce wild tokens or immediate VP, and you receive them everytime you take a production turn. (Reputation, Sponsored Academy, Bio Materials, Inventrix)

Storage: Instead of saving only 3 dice when taking your production turn, some cards let you save more dice, according to the number of box symbols depicted on the card (Logistics, Effective Storage).