Magic Mountain

Sending Will-0'-the-Wisps


On each turn a player takes one will-o'-the-wisp at random from the bag. If there are no more will-o'-the-wisps left in the bag, take them from the end of the forest and put them into the bag (and shake well)!

The player then chooses one of the 6 tracks on top of the game board to place the will-o'-the-wisps on. Players can negotiate together which track would be a good choice, but ultimately the decision is made by the player whose turn it is.

The player then places the will-o'-the-wisp on the selected of the track and simply lets go of it so that it will start rolling through the forest on its own. Note, that players are not allowed to give the will-o'-the-wisp any speed by pushing, or throwing it down the track.

Got Stuck?

If the marble is stuck at a crossroad, Give it a push! You can choose the direction. If you're stuck behind a student or a witch, then you need to move the figure. If your marble is stuck anywhere else then make sure your board is properly tilted, and only towards the goal tile, not sideways.

The balls are not unlikely to jump out from the board. If this happened, then place the marble to the bottom of the track and move on to the next player. Make sure that your board is not damaged and that the track is not in a steep angle. Remember also that you are not supposed to throw the marbles down the track, simply place them on the top and let then roll on their own.