Magic Mountain

Moving Figures


When a will-o'-the-wisp hits any figures on the way, the active player moves those figures down the path. If the will-o'-the-wisp doesn't hit any figures on the way, then the active player chooses 1 of the witches and moves it down the path to the next available space that matches the color of the will-o'-the-wisp that missed.

Movement Speed Is Up to the Player

When moving a figure, the active player can choose how swiftly they want to move it. With the student figures players may want to move them quickly so that there could possibly be another opportunity for that same will-o'-the-wisp to hit the same student again.

However, with witches the player might want to take it slower so that the will-o'-the-wisp does not hit the same witch twice. Note, that figures are moved one by one, so the player must place the previous figure first before starting to move another one.

Player Cannot Affect the Will-o´-the-Wisps' Path

The player is not allowed to "play the ball" when picking up the figure. The will-o´-the-wisp will of course start moving immediately when the player pulls the figure off the board, but the player is not allowed to affect the travel path of the will-o´-the-wisp in any way, by for example using the figure to "flick" the will-o´-the-wisp back up the track.

Reaching Master Balduin

When a witch or a student gets hit by a will-o'-the-wisp, but there are no more spaces in the matching color left on the path, move the figure to the goal tile and place it in either a student's or a witch's space.

Example: The purple will-o‘-the-wisp hits a student. Since there aren't any purple spaces left in their path, move the student along the path to the goal tile.