Magic Mountain

Variant: Team Witch vs. Team Student


In this variation players play as two teams: one team tries to take the witches to the finish line first, and the other team takes the students. See the rule Setup for the regular cooperative game.

Setup for Team Game

1. Set up the magic mountain as shown by unfolding it and then attaching the supports to the matching, marked places. Make sure to set up the game on a level surface. A tilted surface might cause the balls to travel down the board in an unintended way and hinder the game's performance.

2. Place the goal tile next to the bottom of the game board so that the side with three witch spaces and four student spaces is showing.

3. Place 4 students and 4 witches on the path starting from the beginning of the path. Start with a student and then place the figures onto the path in alternating colors. So, first a student, then a witch, another student, and so on. Put the remaining 2 students back in the box, they are not needed in this variant.

4. Put all 5 will-o'-the-wisps in the bag, and the game is ready to start!

Playing the Team Game

Team Witch has a small head start of one space, so Team Student goes first.

Play and move the figures following the regular game rules with the team's taking alternating turns. The figures are still always moved by the active player.

If the will-o'-the-wisp doesn't hit any figures on its way down, the active player must move any 1 of the opposing team's figures one space along the path towards the goal.

The team that gets three of their four figures on the goal tile first wins the game!