Have you ever heard of the Magic Mountain?

You‘ll find it in the middle of a dense forest, where the magical will-o'-the-wisps live. They don‘t know good from evil, but love dancing down the mountain paths. Once they have reached the foot of the mountain, they visit Balduin, the wise magician who lives there.

Balduin is very powerful, and possesses a magic wand with a tip made from a legendary crystal. However, this crystal has now caught the eye of the four meanest witches in all the land, and they're plotting to take Balduin's wand for themselves!

Fortunately, word of their plans has reached the students at the nearby Wizard's Academy! Six courageous students take to the road to warn Master Balduin. However, the witches already have a head start!

Send the will-o'-the-wisps through the forest so that they show the students the right way but lead the witches astray. And remember, that once the will-o'-the-wisps have been allowed to run free, their path is quite hard to control. Collaborate to bring the students to Balduin's house before the witches reach him, because you can only win or lose together!

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