Potion Explosion

Example: Skill Tokens at the End of Game


Example for a 4-player game's end and Skill Tokens.

Heiko's Turn: Heiko was the first player at the beginning of the game, and just finished his turn after taking the 5th Skill token from the “countdown” stack - his second - leaving one Skill token in the stack.

David's Turn: Now it’s David’s turn. He manages to earn the last Skill token from the “countdown” stack, which triggers the end of the game. Jose and Anna will both have one final turn to play, then the game will end.

Jose's Turn: Jose plays next, but does not earn any Skill token on his turn.

Anna's Turn: During her turn, Anna manages to get 1 Skill token for “At least 3 potions of the same kind”, and another for “Potions of at least 5 different kinds”. Since the “countdown” stack is empty, she takes them from the general pool.

Game End: At the end of Anna’s turn, the game is over. The players can now calculate their final scores.