Potion Explosion

Completing a Potion



(Completius potionibus)

When all of the holes of a Potion tile have been filled with Ingredients, that Potion has been completed. Put all of the marbles from the Potion back into the Dispenser (see Refilling the Dispenser), then flip the Potion tile from its front (the Recipe side) to its back (the Completed side) and move it in the area below your Desk. This is your Potion area.

Place marbles on holes of the corresponding color on your Potion.

Completed Potions are worth a certain number of points at the end of the game (as shown on the tile itself), and they can also be drunk to activate special one-time magical effects.

A potion, front or Recipe side:

A - Effect

B - Point Value

C - Starter Potion Symbol

D - Recipe

The same potion, back or Completed side: