Potion Explosion

Using the Ingredients



(Usando marbles ad victoriam)

After taking Ingredients, either with your regular pick, a Little Help from the professor, or by drinking a Potion (see Drinking Potions), you will have a number of marbles in hand. To use them, you have the following options:

First, you must place any Ingredients in your hand on the matching empty holes of the same color on any Potion tiles brewing on your Desk, if possible (a yellow marble goes on a yellow hole, etc.). Once an Ingredient has been placed on a Potion tile, it cannot be moved until the Potion is complete.

If you have Ingredient marbles in hand that you cannot place on any Potion tile in your Brewing area, you must place those Ingredients in the small retort flask on your Desk. This is called your Ingredient Pool. During your turn, you may freely move Ingredients between your Pool and your hand.

The Ingredient Pool can only hold up to 3 Ingredients at a time. You can only hold Ingredients in your hand until the end of your turn (see End of Turn).

It goes without saying that, after you end your turn, you won’t be able to move Ingredients out of your Pool until your next turn starts.