Potion Explosion

End of Turn



(Endius turnum)

After you have taken your regular pick for the turn, you asked for the Little Help from the professor if you wanted to, and you have drunk all the Potions you intended to, your turn ends; follow these steps, in order:

1. If you still have marbles in your hand and your Ingredient Pool is already full, you must discard them back into the tank of the Dispenser.

2. If you have less than 2 Potion tiles in your Brewing area, you must choose and draw new Potions from the top of any of the five stacks available and place them on your Bunsen burners. Note: you may not move Ingredients from your pool to the Potion tiles you just drew, because you already finished your turn.

3. Check to see if you earned one or more Skill tokens (see Skill tokens).

4. Check to see if the game end has been triggered (see End of Game).

You will always have 2 Potion tiles in the Brewing area of your Desk at the beginning of each turn, and you won’t be able to complete more than 2 Potions in a single turn. Hah!