Potion Explosion

End of Game



(Calculatio finalis pointibus)

During the game setup, you placed a certain number of Skill tokens into a “countdown” stack (see table to the right). If, at the end of any player’s turn, the last of the Skill tokens from the “countdown” stack has been taken, the end of the game is triggered. The end of the game is also triggered if, at the end of any player’s round, there are no more Potion tiles available.

The game continues, in clockwise order, until the player to the right of the First Player completes their next turn (so that all players will have played the same number of turns during the game). Even if the required number of Skill tokens have already been awarded, players can still earn more from the general pool, if they are able to do so.

After this, all players add up the points they obtained from all the Potion tiles they completed and the Skill tokens they collected, then subtract 2 points for each Little Help token they have.

The player with the most points is the winner!

Tie Breaker Rule

In case of a tie, all the tied players (starting from the First Player, in turn order) each take one marble from the Dispenser to try to trigger an Explosion. The player who takes the most marbles in this way is the winner.