Potion Explosion

Letter from the Professor


Dear students,

It’s that time of the year.

Your last year at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards is almost over, and it’s time for the final exams!

As always, the rules are the same: Take the Ingredients from the Dispenser in the Potions Lab to complete your Potions. Keep in mind that the explosions you may trigger can be useful! The use of Potions you brew during this exam is not only allowed, but encouraged! Use them wisely to do a quicker and better job, and it will prove your worth as a soon-to-be witch or wizard.

When enough Skill Tokens have been awarded, the exam will end. Remember, though, that in order to win the Student of the Year Award, you’ll need to be the one who brewed the most difficult (and valuable) potions!

Good luck!

- Albedus Humblescore

Headmaster of the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy