Planet Ganju: Solitaire

Terpinoid Solitaire Rules




1. Set up the game. See “Game Setup” for more information.

2. Player's Turn: The Player draws three Terpinoid cards. The player can place up to two of the Terps behind any of the Ganju cards that match the Terps cards that were drawn. Discard any non-matching Terpinoid cards.

3. Bounty's Turn: If the top card in the discard pile matches any of the Bounty's Terpinoids, discard the Bounty's corresponding Terp card. If the top card of the discard pile doesn't match, draw one Terpinoid card from the deck. If the card matches any of the Bounty's Terps, then discard the matching cards.

4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 until either of the following occurs:

- The Terpinoid deck is depleted. Shuffle the discard pile and continue gameplay.

- The Player matches all 3 Terps of a single Ganju card, completing its Terpinoid profile. Each time this occurs the Bounty skips its turn. The Player can turn any completed Ganju cards face-down.

5. The game continues until either the Player or the Bounty card has completed all of its Terpinoid matches. See “Winning” for more information.