Planet Ganju: Solitaire

Potency Solitaire Rules




1. Set up the game. Select a Bounty card to be your opponent. Shuffle the Terp deck. Select a starting hand of five Ganju cards. Shuffle your Ganju deck and place it face down on your side of the play area. See “Game Setup” for more information.

2. Play your turn. See “Rotation - The Player's Turn” to learn more information about a player’s turn.

3. After the player’s turn, it is the Bounty's Turn. See “Rotation - The Bounty's Turn", "Bounty’s Stash” & “Terp Purge” for more information.

4. Once a player has 5 Ganju cards in play, they are considered Cashed and cannot play any additional Ganju cards unless they Re-Up. See “Cashed” & “Re-Up” for more information.

5. *Optional: Once a player has reached a combined potency of 420, they can Re-Up by discarding up to 5 Ganju cards and replacing what was discard with new Ganju cards from their deck. See “Re-Up” for more information.

6. The game continues until the player has a higher potency than the Bounty OR the Terp deck is depleted. The player can do a potency check any time after they have Cashed by applying all active Entourage Effects to see if their team’s potency is higher than the Bounty card’s. See “Winning” for more information.