Each Ganju card has three Terps that can be used to manipulate the potency level of the game, see Terpinoid Cards for more information. A maximum of (28) Ganju cards and a minimum of (7) are allowed per deck.

Each Ganju card has the following features:

• Ganju Name

• Ganju Species - There are two types of Ganju cards: Buddies (Buff Cards) or Cannimals (Nerf Cards).

• Description - A brief bio of the Ganju.

• Potency Level

• Terpinoid Symbol - If you draw a Terp card matching a Terpinoid shown on one of your Ganju cards in play, then you can activate an Entourage Effect to manipulate the potency of the game.

• Set Abbreviation

• Set Symbol/Rarity

• Illustrator

• Card Number