Planet Ganju: Solitaire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bounty card?
Opponent Card
Bounty cards are used as a simulated opponent in Solitaire gameplay.
What is a Ganju card?
Player Cards
Ganju cards are the player's character cards. Each Ganju card contains 3 Terpinoids, which can be used to activate different Entourage Effects.
What is a Terpinoid Card
Energy/Effect Card
Terpinoid cards have 4 different Entourage Effects. These effects can be activated by a Ganju with a matching Terpinoid and are used to influence the potency levels of the game in various ways, either negative, positive, or nullifying.
Can I change my Ganju cards?
A player can only change in-play Ganju cards once they have reached a combined potency of 420 or higher. They can do this by performing a Re-Up. See "Re-Up" for more information.
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During the Player Rotation, can you activate two Terps in the same turn?
Yes, but it depends.
Normally you can only activate one Terp per turn, however, you are able to activate two Terps in one turn if you do EITHER of the following: 1. if you play a Terp from your draw and a Terp from your Stash OR 2. if you have activated the Entourage Effect called "Improve Respiration".
Can you have more than 3 Terps in your stash?
If you have activated the Entourage Effect called "Memory Retention" you can stash up to 5 Terpinoid cards.
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