Drawing a Terp card that matches a Terpinoid shown on one of your Ganju cards in play, allows you to activate one of its Entourage Effects to manipulate the potency of the game. If there is a species requirement shown, the effect used must match the species of your Ganju.

Each Terpinoid card has the following features:

• Plant Description

• Terpinoid Name

• Plant Name

• Terpinoid Symbol

• Species Requirement - In order to use this effect your Ganju card must match the species symbol shown. There are two species: Buddies (Buff Cards) or Cannimals (Nerf Cards)

• Entourage Effect - Effects used to influence the potency levels of the game in various ways, either negative, positive, or nullifying.

• Entourage Type - Active (must remain in play to use) OR Instant (discard after use).

• Set Abbreviation

• Set Symbol/Rarity

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