Planet Ganju: Solitaire

Rotation - The Player's Turn




On a player's turn, they can do the following:

1. Play a Ganju card, placing it face up in your play area. (5 Cards Max) See “Cashed” for more information.

2. Draw the top two cards of the Terp deck.

- If 1 of the terp cards matches a Terpinoid on 1 of the player's Ganju cards, its Entourage Effect can be activated (only 1 Entourage Effect, per Ganju card, can be active at a time) OR if you have Cashed already, you can store 1 Terp, per turn, in your Stash. See “Cashed” for more information.
- If there is a species requirement shown, Ganju can only activate Entourage Effects that match their species. See “Terpinoid Cards” for more information.
- If a terp card does not match any of your Ganju cards, discard it.
3. Once per turn, a player can play 1 Terp card from their Stash. See “Player's Stash” for more information.
4. Apply any newly activated Entourage Effect to the relevant Ganju card(s).
5. End of Player's turn. Begin the Bounty card’s turn. See “Rotation - The Bounty's Turn", "Bounty’s Stash” & “Terp Purge” for more information.