Dual Powers includes 6 leader cards, 3 red and 3 white.

Leader cards have four elements: Day Number, Leader Strength, Leader Recruit Icon and Leader Special Action Icon.

1. Day Number

Like command cards, the card’s day number indicates how many days to advance the calendar when the card is played.

2. Leader Strength

The card’s leader strength represents the strength of the leader’s matching token for both the fresh and exhausted sides. The large number shows the value on the token’s fresh side, and the smaller number shows the value on its exhausted side.

3. Leader Recruit Icon

The card’s leader recruit icon indicates that the matching leader token can be recruited into any region in the city using the leader recruit action.

4. Leader Special Action Icon

The card’s leader special action icon represents one of three possible actions that the player may take when this card is played: Mobilize Protest, Espionage, or Inspire the People.