Dual Powers: Revolution 1917

Solitaire Scoring Phase (solo)


Resolve the Region of Unrest

Resolve the region of unrest as in a two-player game. If the opposition has greater strength in the region, it always chooses to assign it as an objective instead of taking a bonus action.

Reveal Secret Objectives

Reveal your secret objective (if not revealed already). To determine the opposition’s secret objective, examine the five command cards played by the opposition this round. Add together the day numbers of the opposition’s five cards per region. The region with the highest sum is the opposition’s secret objective region. Select the opposition’s card with the highest victory point value for that region as the opposition’s secret objective.

If there is a tie between regions for highest sum, the region among them with the most cards becomes the opposition’s secret objective region. If there is still a tie, the last played card among the tied regions determines the opposition’s secret objective region.

Score Objective Regions

Scoring objectives is identical to the two-player game.

Exhaust Tokens

Exhaust tokens as in the two-player game. After the opposition’s fresh unit tokens are exhausted, their displayed strength will be “X.” The value of “X” is equal to the difficulty level (1–6) chosen during set.