Dual Powers includes 48 command cards.

Command Cards are played to recruit a unit or to take one of three actions. Depending on the icon, these actions are move a unit, double move a unit or refresh a unit.

Each command card has five important elements: day number, region icon, recruit value, action icon, and victory point value.

1. Day Number

The card’s day number indicates how many days to advance the calendar when the card is played.

2. Region Icon

The card’s region icon indicates either which region of the city the player may recruit units into when the card is played or which region will be evaluated for scoring when the card is selected as a secret objective.

3. Recruit Value

The card’s recruit value indicates the strength value of units that may be recruited when the card is played — n, nn or nnn.

4. Action Icon

The card’s action icon represents one of three possible actions that the player may take when this card is played and the recruit action is not chosen: Move, Double Move, or Refresh.

5. Victory Point Value

The card’s victory point value is the number of points a player gains for having control of the indicated region at the end of the round. This matters only when the card is selected as a secret objective.