Game Design: Jacob Fryxelius, Nick Little, and Sydney Engelstein

Development Consultant: Will Sobel

Graphic Design: Bill Bricker, Jason D. Kingsley, and Isaac Fryxelius

Illustrations: Bill Bricker, Garrett Kaida, Nio Mendoza, Andrei Stef, Naomi Robinson, and Justine Nortjé

3D assets: Renham, Pandoraskitten

Art Direction: Bill Bricker

Editor: Anna Russell

Playtesters: Travis Worthingon, Peyton Worthington, Rhet Eikleberry, Hayley Nielsen, Adam Ping, Marc Martinez, Katie Martinez, Ryan Bruxvoort, Aaron and Kimberly Myerson, Anna Russell, Will Sobel, Stephen Buonocore, Chad Krizan, Geoffrey Engelstein, Brian Engelstein, James Williams, Jeffrey Tabler, Donnie Smith, Brandon Basham, Troy Lopez, and Alexis Lopez

A special thanks to all of the great games that share mechanisms with Ares Expedition. Race for the Galaxy, San Juan, Terraforming Mars, and many others inspired the design of this game.

A special thanks to Alan Eshelman for inspiring the alternate game board that appears in this edition.