In this time of unprecedented prosperity and advancement for humankind, we are finally ready to expand beyond what once were considered our limits and make a new home among the stars. Mars is more than just a new world to house our ever-expanding population. It is also the first step of a lifetime of steps towards humanity embracing the potential of our universe as a whole.

All we need in order to fully realize this glorious future is to invest ourselves in the process of terraforming the great red planet. To this end, we ask the great corporations of Earth to join us in funding new research, supporting the construction and shipping of important resources, and doing whatever it takes to create a lush, liveable world for humanity to enjoy. This project will require the combined efforts of all humankind, but we believe that it will be worth it to secure a better future for our descendants.

Teri Ngo, Astro Liason for the United Nations, January 10th, 2315 AD.