During this phase, each player collects resources equal to the production on their green cards, corporation card, and place on the TR track. Bonus: If you chose this phase, gain 4 MC.

Gain MC equal to your MC production + your TR. Gain heat and plants equal to your production for those resources. Place copper (1), silver (5), and gold (10) cubes to track these resources in the appropriate resource section of your player board. For each card production, you draw a card during this phase.

Example: Bob has played four cards, shown below, so far this game. When he played these cards, he adjusted his player board accordingly. During the planning step of this round, he chose to play the production phase. During the production phase, Bob will gain all of the resources shown on his player board plus MC equal to his TR, which he can verify by checking the production boxes on the cards he has played. He gains the following:

1. 4 MC for his MC production and 6 MC for his TR

2. 1 card

3. 3 heat

4. 1 plant

5. 4 MC as a bonus for choosing the production phase.

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