In this mode, two players work together to completely terraform Mars before time runs out. All the rules of the game are the same with the following exceptions:


After you have finished setting up the game, in the upper right hand section of the game board, place 27 copper cubes and 3 cubes of a player color you are not using in a pile.


Players should give each other advice and encouragement! We recommend that you don’t discuss specific cards in your hand, but rather keep your statements broad, like, “I have a lot of heat production, so don’t worry about that” or “I’m going to choose the production phase this round.”

After players have revealed their phase cards each round, each player takes a cube from the pile on the game board. If you take a copper cube, add it to your MC. If you take one of the player color cubes, discard the cube and you may trade one project card in hand for a project card in your partner’s hand.


The game ends at the end of the round in which the last cube is taken from the pile (15 rounds).

At the end of the game, if all of the terraforming parameters have been completed and the players have a total score of at least 80 VP, the players win! Otherwise, the players lose. Record your VP and try to beat your high score the next time you play.