Frequently Asked Questions

Are tribers removed from the board after Harvest phase is finished?
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When do i add point from Shaman's Hut?
You add 1 happiness point immediately when you place a triber there. After all players have placed all of their tribers, you may take a pawn from the Shaman's Hut and place it on any free space on the game board.
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What is the difference between hunting and gathering?
There are some differences. First of all, hunted food is edible without processing. The number of your tribe members sent to the specified gathering spaces has an impact on the number of resources gathered. When you hunt, every tribe member brings you the same amount of food. Lastly, when you hunt, you may use poison tokens.
What are the invention cards for?
Cards help you acquire more resources or process them without sending workers to the specified spot. At the end of the game, if you have sets of cards with different symbols, you will get extra points.
How long is this game?
The game lasts for 6 seasons and typically takes between 45 and 75 minutes to play.
Is there any way to get rid of hunger tokens?
Try to gather as much edible food as there are your tribe members. It is better not to receive some points than to be forced to take a hunger token.
Why there is only one type of resource tokens?
The resource tokens become specified resources when they are placed on player boards. Because those resources may be processed into different foods, you only have to move them to a different spot without exchanging them for a different kind. This makes gameplay easier.
May i have 2 cards of the same type?
You may not acquire the same card that you already possess.
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Are the rribes different from each other?
Every player board is slightly different, enhancing tribes in certain aspects of the game. They vary in the types of processed foods and quantities acquired during such processes.
Is there a solo mode?
Yes, there is a special deck of cards which simulates the Freeloaders tribe, adding some twists and turns to your solo fight for happiness points.
How do I win the game?
You have to accumulate the most happiness points at the end of the sixth season