Building monuments


If at the beginning of the Clean-up phase all spaces around a given Monument token are occupied by tribers, the Monument has been built!

The players who have sent their tribers to build this Monument gain Happiness Points according to the chart on the main board. The number of Happiness Points gained depends on the number of tribers sent by each player.

The player who has sent the most tribers to build the Monument, gets the Monument token and places it next to their tribe board. If no player has sent more tribers than any other player, the token is removed from the main board and no player receives it (but the Monument is still considered built).

Place a Monument standee on the space from which the token has just been taken off (regardless of whether given to a player or just removed). The spaces for tribers surrounding this Monument will not be available anymore.

If more than one Monument should be resolved at the beginning of the Clean-up phase, proceed from left to right, fully resolving one before proceeding to another

If not all spaces around a given Monu- ment token are occupied by tribers at the beginning of the Clean-up phase, the Monument has not been built. No Happiness Points are awarded, the Monument token stays on its space, and the spaces around it will still be available for tribers next season.