Solo Game


The rules for a 2-player game apply, with the following changes. Choose a difficulty level according to the table below:

During setup, take 1 wood and 1 leaf tile as starting tiles, and add them to your personal supply.

During the game:

• Each time you take the Meditate action, you must discard in a discard pile the card to the left of the one you take. If you take the card to the right of the deck, reveal and discard the top card from the deck. Slide the other cards to the right to fill the gaps, then reveal new cards from the deck to fill the empty spaces on the board.

• Each time you take the Cultivate action, you must discard the rightmost card on the board, i.e., the one farthest from the deck. Then slide the remaining ones and refill the space as you would do at the end of a Meditate action.

When you reveal and add the last card from the deck to the board, play one last turn, then the game ends. Now check if you won: you must have claimed three Goals (one per color) and scored a point total matching or exceeding your chosen difficulty level.