End of the Game


When the last card from the deck is revealed, the game end is triggered: All players, including the one who triggered the end, get one more turn and then the game ends and points are tallied (use the Score pad).

Each tile in your bonsai is worth a certain number of points, as follows:

= points

= points

= x

1 point for each side not touching any other tile (this tile will be worth from 0 to 5).

= points

Leftover tiles in your supply are not worth any points.

Reveal the face down cards in your pile. Add to your score any points provided by your Parchment cards and by claimed Goal tiles.

The player with the most points is the winner! In case of a tie, the winner among tied players is the one farther away from the starting player, in clockwise order.

Example: This bonsai scores:

: 3 × 13 = 39

: 3(a) + 3(b) + 3(c) + 5(d) + 5 (e) = 19

: 7 × 2 = 14

Total = 72 points

The points obtained from Parchment cards and Goal tiles are added to the bonsai points. In this case, you would add 10 points given by the (f) Parchment card and 13 points from the (g) Parchment card, plus 5 points from the brown Goal tile. In total at the end of the game, this player scored 100 points.