Solo Scenario: The Emperor challenge



Use all intermediate Goals. Take a second Pot tile and place it in front of you (leave room between the two Pots for the bonsai). Place a Summary card below one of the two Pots: this will be the active bonsai.

Rules adjustments

When you take a Cultivate action, you may only add tiles to the active bonsai. If you claim Goal tiles, they belong to the active bonsai (place them beside it to remember). At the end of each Cultivate action, move the Summary card to the other bonsai, which becomes the new active bonsai. Keep moving the card at the end of each Cultivate turn. If you take a Helper card, add the tiles to the active bonsai, but do not move the Summary card.

To claim a Goal, always count only the tiles of the active bonsai.

At the end of the game, count the tiles in both bonsai to score points and for Parchment cards.


Score at least 140 points. Claim all 5 Goals: 3 with one bonsai and 2 with the other bonsai. The order in which you claim the Goals is irrelevant.