Action: Cultivate


Place tiles in your bonsai.

You can place tiles which are in your personal supply in your Bonsai. You can place as many tiles as there are symbols depicted on your Seishi tile and any or all of your Growth cards. Each symbol will let you place one tile of the corresponding type.

At the start of the game, you only have your Seishi tile to place bonsai tiles. It allows you to place one tile of your choice, and/or one wood tile, and/or one leaf tile during a Cultivate action, in any order. As the game progresses, you can acquire Growth cards that allow you to place more tiles when you choose to Cultivate.

During a Cultivate action, you must respect the placing rules that follow:


A wood tile must be placed adjacent to another wood tile (i.e., with at least one side touching a wood tile).


A leaf tile must be placed adjacent to a wood tile.


A flower tile must be placed adjacent to a leaf tile.


A fruit tile must be placed between two leaf tiles which are adjacent to one another. One side of the fruit tile must touch the first leaf and the following side must touch the second leaf. You cannot place a fruit adjacent to another fruit.

Note: In the improbable case that, at the beginning of your turn, it is not possible anymore to add a wood tile to your bonsai, you may remove the least number of tiles from it needed to make that possible again.

Example: Bryce has a Seishi tile and three Growth cards that allow him to place a total of 1 tile of his choice, 1 wood tile, 2 leaf tiles, 1 flower tile and 1 fruit tile. During his Cultivate action, he decides to place 1 wood (a), 2 leaves (b and c) and 1 flower (d), as he has no fruit in his supply. He chooses not to place a tile of his choice, as he thinks this is not useful at the moment.