The diagram below shows the table setup for a 4-player Trilogy scenario game, with the players arranged around the table so the order of play proceeds clockwise. Of course, you may prefer having the two teams facing each other, or some other arrangement.

Each player will have a:

— Hand of cards (not shown).

— Draw deck (face down). 1

— Cycle pile (face down): Cards that are cycled are placed here. 2

— Eliminated pile (face down): Cards that are eliminated are placed here. 3 These cards will not be reused in the game — be sure to keep them well separated from your cycle pile!

— Reserve area: An area on the table where cards are played “in reserve”. 4

Common areas include:

— The path deck 5 and the two battleground decks 6 placed where they are accessible to all players.

— Combat and corruption tokens, set to one side, for use later in the game. 7

— Each team designates a place on the table to be its Scoring Area 8, where the team will place battlegrounds, paths, and corruption tokens (Shadow only) after winning a combat.

— Leave some space in the center of the table where combats can be fought around active paths and battlegrounds. 9

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