— When a card directs you to perform multiple actions, do them in the order presented.

— When a card directs you to cycle, forsake, or eliminate a card, this requirement is in addition to the card that must be cycled as the usual cost of playing the card.

— Many cards direct you to “draw” a number of cards, then “play” one or more of those drawn, and then “cycle the rest” (that is, all unplayed cards). In this case, the cards that you’re directed to cycle satisfy the requirement to cycle a card for each one played.

For example, if you play Éomer and draw an army card, one of the four other cards you cycled satisfies the requirement to play the army.

— Although the opportunity may arise, you can never play the exact same character or item card twice in the same round. This may happen, for example, when a card gets cycled from play in the middle of a round and is recovered from the cycle pile later that round.