Splendor Duel

Game Turn Overview


Each game turn works in the same manner. First you CAN take an optional action, or several, if you wish. Then you HAVE to take one of the three mandatory actions before ending your turn.

Optional actions:

- Spend 1 privilege token to take one non-Gold token. (You can perform this several times, if you wish)

- Replenish the board’s empty spaces. Your opponent takes 1 Privilege.

(Note, if the player decides to do both, the privilege scroll has to be used FIRST.)

Mandatory actions:

- Take up to 3 adjacent non-Gold tokens in an uninterrupted row, column, or diagonal. If the 3 tokens are identical or 2 of them are Pearls, your opponent takes 1 Privilege.

- Take 1 Gold token, then reserve 1 card. You cannot perform this action if there are no Gold tokens on the board or if you have 3 reserved cards.

- Purchase 1 card from the pyramid or 1 reserved card: pay the cost, minus bonuses already acquired.

Note: Your tokens must be visible to your opponent at all times. We recommend sorting them in piles by color

Note: If you cannot perform any of the mandatory actions, you must perform the “Replenish the Game Board” optional action before choosing your mandatory action