Splendor Duel

Game overview



As the master of a guild of jewelers, you create majestic adornments of the highest quality for monarchs and other powerful leaders of the Renaissance to increase your prestige and fortune. However, you have an ambitious rival, and it’s time to show your worth!

Splendor Duel is a two-player only standalone game, based on Splendor. In the game you confront your rival guild in a race for victory. Acquiring Gem and Pearl tokens from the common board, then purchasing cards, gathering bonuses, royal favours, and prestige.

You will discover new twists and strategic opportunities derived from Splendor! Acquire cards with impressive powers, take advantage of special Privileges, and fight over scarce access to Pearls.


The players take turns, one after another, until the end of the game is triggered. On your turn, you take tokens from the board or use those in your possession to buy Jewel cards, which award you with the Prestige points and Crowns you require to win.

These cards also offer special abilities and bonuses, which reduce the cost of acquiring future Jewel cards.

To win, you must fulfill one of the three conditions indicated on the Victory tile