Splendor Duel

Purchase 1 Jewel card


To purchase a Jewel card you Choose a card from the pyramid or your reserve, pay its cost in tokens (as depicted on the bottom left of the card), and place that card faceup in front of you.

Gold tokens are wild and can be used in place of any Gem or Pearl token.

Place spent tokens in the bag.

Once purchased, a Jewel card grants you its bonus(es), Each bonus decreases the cost of future card purchases.

It is possible to have enough bonuses to reduce the cost of a card to 0 tokens. The cost of a card may not be reduced below 0, meaning you cannot gain tokens when purchasing cards.

Organize the cards you purchase in front of you, sorted by bonus color. Cards may be overlapped to save space. However, the top of the card (where points, Crowns, and bonuses are depicted) must remain visible.

When you purchase a card from the pyramid, replace it with a new card from the corresponding deck, placing it faceup in the pyramid