Splendor Duel

Take 1 Gold and reserve 1 Jewel card


Reserving a card allows you to take a card from the table to your hand. It is the only way to take a Gold token. Reserved cards, like cards in the pyramid, have no effect until they are purchased. There is no penalty for having reserved cards at the end of the game.

You cannot perform this action if there are no Gold tokens on the board, or if you already have 3 reserved cards.

To perform the action, first, take 1 Gold token of your choice from the board. Then, you must either:

1) Take 1 Jewel card of your choice from the pyramid

2) Draw the top card from one of the 3 decks

Keep your reserved cards secret from your opponent (either facedown in front of you, or in your hand). You may look at your reserved cards at any time.

When you reserve a card from the pyramid, replace it with a new card from the corresponding deck, placing it faceup in the pyramid. If the corresponding deck is empty, the card is not replaced.

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