Heart of Crown

Quick Breakdown of the Rules


1. The objective of the game is to back a princess and be the first to hold a coronation ceremony.

2. Each player starts with a deck containing 7 Farming Village cards and 3 Apprentice Maid cards. Each player shuffles their deck and places it in front of them as a draw pile.

3. Players take turns, proceeding clockwise around the table.

4. Each player has a hand of 5 cards. At the start of the game you draw your hand of 5 from your draw pile. When your turn ends, discard both the card you’ve used and any cards remaining in your hand, and draw a hand of 5 cards. If your draw pile runs out, shuffle your discard pile into a new draw pile.

5. Pay Coins to buy cards from the market and add them to your discard pile, thereby strengthening your deck.

6. In order to back a princess, you need to pay a number of Coins equal to the princess card’s backing cost.

7. Once you back a princess, place the card in front of you without adding it to your deck. The area where you place this princess card is called your Domain. On the turn when you back a princess, you must move 3 Territory cards that you’ve played (or as many as you’ve played if it was less than 3) to your Domain, in descending order of cost.

8. You can place Succession Cards in your Domain to increase your Succession Point total.

9. If you have not backed a princess, you cannot play Succession Cards in your Domain.

10. You cannot both play Succession Cards in your Domain and buy cards from the Market in the same turn.

11. To win the game, you must have at least 20 Succession Points worth of cards placed in your Domain and declare a coronation ceremony. You obtain Succession Cards by buying them from the Market.

12. Once you declare a coronation ceremony, if every other player takes a turn without declaring one themselves, you win the game.

13. When multiple players declare coronation ceremonies, the game goes into sudden death overtime.