Battering Ram: Should read: “Select and discard a kept card from 1 territory in each opponent’s Domain.

Bribery: Should read: “An Action card kept in any opponent’s Domain.

Curse Witch: Should read “When you do so, any opponents who do not have a face up Curse anywhere in their draw deck, take a Curse card or Calamity type card and put it revealed on the bottom of their draw deck.

Draft Notice: Should read: “Take X non-Territory cards from your discard pile and put them face-up on top of your draw pile in any order you wish.

Glamour Witch: Should read: “After that you may acquire 1 card that matches any card discarded by Glamour Witch this turn from the Market.

Imperial Estate: Should read: “Place a +1 Succession Point Counter on Imperial Estate if it is in your Domain. This can be done only once during your Main Phase.

Rampart: Should read: “If an opponent’s Attack (Military) card makes you discard or reveal cards, this reduces the quantity by 1.

Stargazing Witch: Add after the card text: “Draw 1 card.