Heart of Crown

Main Phase Special Actions


Once you have a princess you’ve backed in your Domain, you can also take the following special actions in addition to playing a card during your Main Phase.

Keep a Card: Take an Action Card from your hand and place it on top of a Territory Card in your Domain. We call this keeping a card.

When you keep it card, it does not go into your discard during the Cleanup Phase, and you can keep it for future turns. You can only keep Action Cards, and you can only keep one Action Card per Territory Card, and the cost of the card you keep cannot be greater than the cost of the Territory Card it is going on.

Recall a Card: Take a card that you have kept and return it to your hand. We call this recalling a card. You can keep and recall cards at any time during your Main Phase, but not during other player’s turns.

Example: You can take the Infantry Battalion (Cost 4) and keep it on your Large City (Cost 6), but you cannot keep it on a City (Cost 3) or Farming Village (Cost 1).