Heart of Crown

Defense Cards


When you have Defense Card(s) in your hand or Domain, you can use those when an opponent plays an Attack Card. You must declare that you are using a Defense Card before your opponent’s Attack Card is resolved.

When you use a Defense Card, you show the card to your opponent, and the portion of the card’s ability following Defense Effect: takes effect. You resolve a Defense Card’s ability before that of the Attack Card. When you use a Defense Card, you do not have to discard it. Also, when you reveal the card, you do not move it from where it is. A Defense Card in your hand stays in your hand, and one that you are keeping stays kept.

If you have multiple Defense Cards between your hand and Domain, you can use as many of them as you wish. Note that the portion of a Defense Card’s ability listed under Defense Effect: is only available when you use it to defend. You do not get this ability if you use it as an Action Card.