King of Tokyo

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Breathing Power Card - Who are my neighbouring players?
The surviving players to your left and right. If there is only one other surviving monster then it is your sole neighbour.
How does Metamorph interact with Power Cards?
At the end of your turn you can discard any Keep cards you have to gain their full cost in Energy. This also applies to cards that were bought at a discount, or have been partially used.
Which dice can I re-roll?
Any dice you have rolled may be re-rolled. When you re-roll your black dice you may re-roll any of the dice you wish, even ones you previously put aside. All the dice being re-rolled must be re-rolled together; you may not roll them one at a time and choose other dice to re-roll based on the results you get. After your first re-roll you may re-roll any of the results for your second re-roll, even if it was a result you saved from the first rule.
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When does Frenzy trigger an extra turn?
When it's bought.
When a player buys the Frenzy card it immediately ends their turn, skipping all end of turn events, and they start a new, second turn.
Can I combine Friend of Children with other ways of gaining Energy?
You may combine it with Solar Powered, but not with Metamoprh or Monster Battery. Solar Power is a new gain of energy. Metamorph and Monster Battery are energy recovery, and so do not trigger Friend of Children.
How does Armor Plating work against multiple attacks?
Treat each source of damage individually, and ignore any that only do 1 damage. You may also ignore any effects from Power Cards that do 1 Life Point of damage, such as having a single Poison token.
When can I use the Wings Power Card?
Whenever you need to, even after a player had rolled their dice. If your monster is about to lose health because of a Smash or a Power Card, you may spend two (2) Energy to ignore all the damage for that turn.
What happens to my Energy when I use the It Has A Child Power Card?
You keep all your Energy.
How many re-rolls for 3s do I get with the Background Dweller Power Card?
You can keep re-rolling 3s with no limitation.
How does Regeneration work?
If you gained any amount of Life Points after rolling a Heal symbol, you gain one (1) additional Life Point. Regeneration doesn't work on healing from Power Cards, or if another player heals you.
What if I bought the Metamorph card as a discount?
You get the full Energy cost back.
Can I remove Poison or Shrink Tokens when I am in Tokyo?
If you are in Tokyo, you cannot use the rolled Heal symbols to remove any Poison or Shrink Tokens.
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What happens if the Poison Spit or Shrink Ray cards are discarded?
Poison and Shrink Tokens remain in place even if the associated Power Cards are discarded.
How does the Mimic card work?
It counts as a newly played copy of the mimiced card. When you buy the Mimic card, place the matching token on a keep card another player has played. You now count as having a duplicate copy of that card, as if it had just been played. If the card you are duplicating is discarded for any reason, you take the mimic token back. At the start of your turn you may spend 1 Energy to move the mimic token to any keep card in play.
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If there are two Opportunist Power Cards in play, who goes first?
The player whose turn would be sooner. The Opportunist card allows you to buy newly revealed Power Cards before the player whose turn it is. If there are two copies of the Opportunist card in play, because of the Mimic card, then the player with Opportunist who has the soonest turn gets the chance first.
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Which dice can I re-roll with Stretchy?
Any dice you have rolled may be re-rolled at the appropriate cost.