King of Tokyo

Phase 2: Resolve Dice


You may resolve your kept dice in any order, but all results must be resolved.

Victory Points

If you roll three of the same number (, , or ) you score as many Victory Points as the number rolled.

Also, you score 1 additional Victory Point for each additional result of the same number.


You gain one (1) Energy for each Energy result rolled. Energy is represented by the Energy Cubes, so for each Energy result rolled you take one Energy Cube. Keep them by your Monster Board until you spend them. Energy can be spent on buying Power Cards, or activating the abilities Power Cards grant.


If you are outside Tokyo each Smash rolled causes the monster(s) inside Tokyo to lose one Life Point . Remember, that if a Monster in Tokyo takes damage from Smash they can decide to Yield, and step out from Tokyo.

If you are inside Tokyo each Smash rolled causes the monster(s) outside Tokyo to lose one Life Point .

Eliminating a Monster

If a monster loses their last Life Point then the Skull Icon is revealed on their Monster Board. That monster is eliminated from the game: Remove the monster from play, discard their Power Cards with the keep icon and all their Energy .


If you are outside of Tokyo, you gain one (1) Life Point for each Heal result.

If you are in Tokyo, any Heal results don't gain you any Life Points . In Tokyo, you can only gain Life Points using certain Power Cards.

NOTE: A monster may not gain over ten (10) Life Points .