King of Tokyo

Example: Dice Roll


Phase 1. Roll Dice

CyberKitty is in Tokyo City and it is Gigazaur's turn.

Gigazaur takes the six Black Dice and rolls the following:

Gigazaur decides to try for Victory Points and decides to keep the threes . The rest of the dice are re-rolled with the following result:

Gigazaur now has:

Gigazaur decides to keep the the twos and re-rolls the other three dice, including the threes kept from the first roll. The result is:

Gigazaur's final result is

Phase 2. Resolve Dice

Gigazaur gains three (3) Victory Points . Two (2) for having three of a kind , and an additional point for the extra two and adds the points to the Victory Point dial.

With the Energy result Gigazaur also gains one (1) Energy and takes one Energy Cube from the pile.

Finally, with the Smash result Gigazaur deals one (1) damage to CyberKitty, who loses one Life Point . Note, that if Gigazaur would've been in Tokyo instead, all Monsters outside of Tokyo would lose one (1) Life Point .

NOTE: As Gigazaur didn't roll any Heal results, they don't gain any Life Points .