King of Tokyo

Phase 1: Roll Dice


On your turn you can roll the dice up to three times. You can stop at any time.

On the first Roll, roll the 6 Black Dice (and any green dice that your Power Cards grant you).

On your second Roll, you may re-roll any, or all dice that you wish. This mean you first put aside any results you wish to keep and then roll the dice you aren't keeping.

On your third Roll, you can once more do the same than on the second roll: look at all the results from the first and the second roll and decide, which results you want to keep and which ones to roll one more time.

NOTE: After the first full round of play (every player has played one turn) remember to pay attention at the start of your turn:

1. If in the beginning of your turn your Monster is in Tokyo, you immediately earn 2 Victory Points .

2. Some Power Cards are activated at the start of your turn.