Building a Camel Caravan


After buying a Camel card, the player must immediately add it to their Caravan. Camels are placed to the right of their Caravan Master or previously purchased Camel cards. Any Camel card can be placed after a Caravan Master, however, all other Camels must be of the same color or the same number as the previous Camel.

If the purchased Camel doesn't match the color or the number of the previous Camel, then it has to be placed to the left of the Caravan Master. This option can only be used if a player can't add the purchased Camel to their Caravan. Such Camels aren't considered to be a part of a player's Caravan and will score half of points (rounded down) at the end of the game. As soon as the Camel cards to the left of the Caravan Master can be added to the Caravan, the player does so immediately.