Buy a Camel action


A player may buy any one of the face up Camel cards in the Market. In order to buy a Camel, a player must discard Goods cards matching the cost of the Camel.

When buying Camel cards, it is important to check which Camel cards currently have an additional tax payment. The color of the Camel card right next to the Camel deck determines which color Camel cards have an increased cost of +1 extra Goods.

Note: We recommend slightly sliding up the first Camel and other Camels of matching color so it’s easier to recognize them.

A player may also use two of the same type of Goods cards to replace any one Goods card when buying Camel cards.

After buying a Camel card, move all Camel cards to the right so that the first space right next to the Camel deck is free and reveal a new Camel card from the Camel deck. This means that after every Camel purchase, the color of the Camel cards which have an additional tax payment, may change.

After buying a Camel card, the player immediately adds it to their Caravan.